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Your world, your control

Take control of your environment with our connected objects and software solutions.

Web App Art

Data processing, the heart of your business success

Whatever your sector of activity, the collection and processing of data is the heart of success.

This is what makes it possible to automate actions and thus gain in efficiency by optimizing costs, obtaining better quality monitoring and better productivity.

IT meets these needs, and that's our job.


About us

The company

Web App Art is a software engineering company specializing in the development of web and mobile applications and the design of connected objects (iot). We are located in the south of France in the Var department (PACA region). Visual content is now an integral part of the content of applications, the company also offers to produce visual communication media such as photographs, videos and illustrations.

Our goals

We want to offer our customers a personalized service and quality. Satisfaction and customer relations are at the heart of our concerns.


Our company is located in the south of France in the PACA region, more precisely in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez (Var department).