3D scanning of objects and environments

We digitize objects and environments for you with very high precision.

Photorealistic 3D scans

Thanks to our know-how in photogrammetry, we offer photorealistic 3D scanning services to capture your terrain, environments, buildings, objects and archaeological artifacts with precision and detail.

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is a measurement and modeling technique that uses photographs to generate accurate 3D representations. By capturing images from different angles, we can create detailed and realistic 3D models that are true to life with high precision (millimeter precision is possible).

Use cases

3D scanning is a technology that can be used in many fields. Here are some examples of use cases:

Architects and design offices

Architects and design firms can use 3D scanning to capture existing buildings and land to create accurate 3D models for the design and planning of construction projects.


Municipalities and communities

Municipalities and communities can leverage 3D scanning to accurately model terrains, buildings, and infrastructure. By using existing plans, we create photorealistic renderings that incorporate future construction, providing a clear preview of expected results. This technology is a powerful tool for urban planning, resource management, and informed decision-making. Additionally, it enhances communication with citizens and stakeholders through immersive and realistic visuals, including photos, videos, and virtual environments.


Museums, archaeologists and cultural institutions

Museums, archaeologists and cultural institutions can use 3D scanning to capture archaeological objects and artifacts with high precision for conservation, documentation and research. It also makes it possible to create virtual exhibitions and immersive experiences for visitors.

Film and video game studio

Film and video game studios can use 3D scanning to capture environments and objects for creating films, video games and special effects. It reduces production or storage costs for sets and speeds up the creation process by using realistic and detailed 3D models.

E-commerce and marketing

E-commerce and marketing companies can use 3D scanning to capture products and environments for creating photorealistic visuals, videos, and immersive experiences for customers. It allows you to present products in a realistic and attractive way, improve customer experience and boost sales.


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