Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected objects are increasingly present in our daily lives. We introduce you to what the IoT (Internet of Things) is and its advantages.

Article publié le 27/02/2023
Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected objects are increasingly present in our daily lives. They are physical devices that can connect to a network and communicate directly with other devices or via the internet. We then speak of internet of things or IoT.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), technology has evolved to allow us to connect our devices and surroundings to a global network (internet). This technology offers a wide variety of benefits including efficiency, safety and convenience.

But what exactly is the Internet of Things?

The IoT is based on the concept of connectivity between different physical devices that can be connected to the Internet through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 5G (to name a few).

These devices can include all kinds of objects and devices such as thermostats, watches, clothing, etc. The possibilities are almost endless!

The benefits of IoT

The advantages of the IoT are multiple:

  • it allows users to control easily various devices from one place;
  • it considerably improves operational efficiency;
  • it increases security and surveillance thanks to the sensors integrated into each physical device;
  • it facilitates the automatic collection of useful data for companies so that they can make more informed decisions.

The Internet of Things Today

More and more industries are adopting the IoT to bring increased efficiency to the daily work. For example, many manufacturers are now making use of the IoT to monitor their products throughout their lifetime. This is useful in order to ensure better overall quality as well as increased reliability.

Similarly, companies no longer hesitate to automate actions because it is possible to define them based on the data collected.

Some sectors are also beginning to adopt wireless technologies to monitor deliveries made by drones in real time or to optimize energy use in connected homes.

In short, the IoT offers a wide range of innovative opportunities that have the potential to radically transform our usual way of doing things.