New website for Agesti company

Discover the website created for the Agesi company in a short video. A simple website entirely made by us.

Article publié le 28/08/2022

We are happy to share with you the new Agesti company website.

Mobile-friendly design

In 2022, we are 4.95 billion Internet users, 92.1% of whom surf the web from a mobile. This is why it is essential that a website is suitable for use on a mobile device. Therefore, we have opted for a so-called "responsive" design, i.e. it adapts to any type of screen (whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer).

Light or dark theme

It has been found that most users have either a preference for a light cast or a dark cast on their screen. This is why the Agesti site adapts directly to the color cast of your device by choosing the most appropriate theme. It is of course possible to change your preference directly on the site.

A light, fast and accessible site

Today, to be referenced correctly on search engines such as Google, it is necessary to have suitable content, but also to have an efficient and accessible website. When we talk about performance, we must take into account the page loading time, which must be as short as possible in order to make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

The Agesti site has been developed entirely to measure in order to meet these different criteria of performance and accessibility.

Code mastery

A fully mastered realization allows us to be able to develop the site over time according to new standards or new needs. We do not use any third-party module in order to free ourselves from potential compatibility problems or code evolution. Thus, we are able to respond precisely to each new request.